Why I am Running

I am running for City Attorney not only because I am uniquely qualified to do the job, but because our city government can and must do better at finding real solutions to the problems we have faced for decades and the new ones that challenge us every day.

Like you, I love LA. When I first moved here after college, I thought Los Angeles was paradise. But over time I’ve seen its cracks – ever-increasing homelessness, struggling businesses, working families barely able to keep a roof over their heads. I have seen how those with power often make decisions based on planning their next campaign for higher office instead of what’s right or what’s best for the City.

I was a high-powered, successful attorney for decades. I never imagined running for office – that was not something I ever considered. But the job description is essentially to be general counsel to the City and manage one of the largest public law firms in the country. Those are two roles that I know well, and among the candidates running for City Attorney, am uniquely qualified to do–without being clouded by any political allegiances or debts or ambitions of higher office.

Our City is in multiple crises that are only going to get worse if something doesn’t change. The City Attorney has the responsibility to ensure that decisions made and actions taken in the coming years are the right ones – not the politically expedient ones – for the City and its residents for the long term. I’m ready to take that on, for all of us.