Why I am Running

Los Angeles is failing its people and failing to live up to its own values. A well-run City does not allow the corruption, scandal, and inaction that have come to define our City Hall. A diverse and inclusive City does not tolerate violence against women and seniors, nor anti-semitisim or hate crimes against African Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ+ residents — or any of our neighbors in this City.

A world class city doesn’t struggle for decades to provide basic city services to alleviate congestion or build needed housing. It certainly does not stand by while unhoused and mentally distressed residents die on its streets, and let residents feel unsafe on those streets or in their homes. 

I am running for City Attorney because it is time for new leadership and new energy at City Hall.  Now more than ever, we need a problem solver – not a politician or city hall insider – to break through the gridlock, put ideas into action, and clean up City Hall. 

I have been breaking down barriers my entire life, from when I left Puerto Rico at 17 years old, to leading multi-billion transactions at some of the largest and most respected law firms in the world. Only a few hundred women and even fewer Latinos were admitted to Columbia Law School when I applied. I beat the odds, got accepted and thrived.

I will not stand by and let LA fail its people. The office of the City Attorney has a real responsibility to deliver for all of us — not just a select few wealthy and well-connected special interests. 

I’m ready to take that on, for all of us. I hope you’ll join me and build a better future for LA, together.