Focused on protecting you and the City we call home

As City Attorney, Hydee will focus on three major areas: rooting out corruption and providing accountability at all levels of city government; protecting and defending our communities on everything from local control and quality of life issues to criminal violence; and ensuring equal access to and application of justice for all Angelenos.

As LA City Attorney, Hydee will:

Protect and Defend Our Communities

Homelessness, the unaffordable housing crisis, police reform, land use and rising violence are among the biggest issues that erode the quality of daily life for Angelenos across the city.  As your City Attorney, Hydee will work to improve efficiency, put dollars into cost effective construction of housing and shelter rather than into courtroom disputes so that we can humanely and compassionately stop the takeover of our shared common areas for encampments. At least as importantly, Hydee will defend our City Charter and local planning and land use against the now yearly onslaught of bad bills from Sacramento that seek to outlaw single family and other low density zoning without requiring the construction of a single unit of affordable housing or even, in many instances, a single unit of additional housing.  Our state violates our City Charter and the State Constitution when it purports to override good planning and zoning to permit McMansions, gentrification or 8 story apartment buildings that destroy neighborhoods, strain or break our infrastructure and outstrip our limited resources. Hydee will work to expand community-based responses and solutions that protect and create a path forward for all Angelenos and foster the creation of the housing that we need for our residents, not the housing that so many of our elected officials seem to want to authorize for their donors or leadership.

Equal Access to Justice

The City Attorney has a large role to play to ensure all people in the City of Los Angeles have an equal access to justice. As City Attorney, Hydee will make that a focus of her work by requesting a remedy for individual rights by private attorneys’ fees clause so that those without the economic means to pay counsel can protect their rights. Because there are overlapping law enforcement offices and agencies operating within our City, Hydee will work with the county, state and federal agencies involved in law enforcement to develop best practices, a consistent approach to common circumstances and a data driven approach that can identify and address selective or biased enforcement issues early and definitively while still safeguarding our residents across all our neighborhoods.

Corruption and Accountability

Residents need to be able to trust that people in government are working for the public good, not their own. Hydee doesn’t have long-time political allies or friends in high places that she will be trying to protect. Her loyalty is only to you, the people of this wonderful city. Hydee will create a task force within the City Attorney’s office to focus on complaints filed against any public official, ensuring all involved cooperate and do not obstruct legitimate inquiries into the conduct of individuals serving as elected or appointed officials or government employees. Someone who has no political aspirations or career cannot be intimidated or silenced by the threat of political consequences.

A dramatic way Hydee would advocate for accountability in City government is by requiring that settlements and judgments for the liabilities each department creates be paid for by that department – not the City’s general fund – so all divisions and agencies are responsible for their own liabilities out of their own budget. Imagine how much more careful agencies like the LAPD would be if they couldn’t simply settle any lawsuit on the City’s dime without repercussion, how much better Building & Safety would be at enforcing code provisions if they had to pay the cost out of their budgets, and how much more careful even her own City Attorney’s office would be if fines, penalties, delays, and litigation liabilities caused by the office had to be paid out of our budget.