Focused on protecting you and the City we call home

As City Attorney, Hydee will focus on three major areas: rooting out corruption and providing accountability at all levels of city government; protecting and defending our communities on everything from local control and quality of life issues to criminal violence; and ensuring equal access to and application of justice for all Angelenos.

As LA City Attorney, Hydee will:

Los Angeles cannot continue on its current path, and those that would pit the safety of our communities against the strength of our values are presenting a false choice. We know that we have a long way to go on housing and shelter, integrity and public service, racial justice and community policing and even on basic city services and we need independent, smart and inclusive leadership to get there.

LA is a top point of entry into this country for drugs and for victims of human trafficking. Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for the thousands of women and girls on LA’s streets — a federal judge has even taken our City’s leaders to task over the epidemic of drugs and violence claiming the lives of the unhoused across our City.

Abuse of seniors is also on the rise, with LAPD reporting a 18% rise in cases in 2019. Financial scams and physical abuse and maltreatment are increasing — made only worse by the isolation and vulnerability of the pandemic. 

As your City Attorney, Hydee will ensure LA is a place that is safe for everyone, and working to protect our most vulnerable. She’ll make sure the money we’ve given City Hall to tackle homelessness goes into real services and housing — not endless courtroom disputes and wasteful proposals that never see actual housing being built. 

Hydee will also stand up for women and girls, creating a special task force that makes sure victims of domestic violence and human trafficking have a lifeline, and pathway to a better life in this City. 

Hydee will also use the powers of her office to get illegal guns off the street and make our neighborhoods safer for children, families and everyday Angelenos living their lives. 

LA voters have given billions of dollars — and millions of votes — to politicians who can’t get anything done. City Hall has become a place where progress goes to die. LA needs new leadership, and it needs a better lawyer. 

There is no reason that Los Angeles should have allowed its homeless crisis to spiral so far out of control. Bad legal advice and a lack of political will has failed to help people who need it. Hydee will give the City options to address the crisis, not more excuses for doing nothing. 

Los Angeles needs to protect its residents, and it also needs to stick up for itself against overreach by Sacramento. Our state violates our City Charter and the State Constitution when it purports to override good planning and zoning to permit McMansions, gentrification or 8-story apartment buildings that destroy residential neighborhoods. 

Hydee will defend our City Charter and will work to expand community-based responses and solutions that protect and create a path forward for all Angelenos and foster the creation of the housing that we need for our residents. We can build affordable housing, house the homeless and protect neighborhood character – and we must.

We need to face some unpleasant facts about our City — corruption has permeated our City Hall for years. Two councilmembers and a deputy mayor have been charged and faced jail time over the bribery and other malfeasance that casts a shadow over our city’s ability to grow and address its most important problems. A 595-page Special Master’s report out this year concluded our current City Attorney’s Office violated the rules of professional conduct. Our City has paid out millions upon millions in legal settlements. 

This is “business as usual” at City Hall, and a corrupt establishment has destroyed trust that our elected leaders represent our residents — and not powerful special interests. 

Hydee’s loyalty is to the people of Los Angeles. 

Hydee will create a task force within the City Attorney’s office to focus on transparency and accountability — responding cooperatively to legitimate public records act and discovery requests and reviewing complaints against any public official or City employee while ensuring all involved cooperate and do not obstruct legitimate inquiries into the conduct of individuals. 

Hydee will also drive accountability by working with Council to reduce crippling legal settlements against the City, by requiring greater transparency and accountability from City departments.