Current and Former Elected Officials and Candidates

Carlos Alcala, President Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party*

Norma Alcala, City Councilmember West Sacramento, Vice President Chicano Latino Caucus of California Democratic Party, Former President of West Sacramento League of Women Voters and Former President of SEIU 1000/Local 768*

Juana Bordas, Author and Latina Activist*

Bill Brand, Mayor Redondo Beach*

Phil Brock, Santa Monica City Councilmember*

Susan Candell, Mayor of Lafayette*

Jesse Creed, Attorney and Former Candidate For Los Angeles City Council*

Eric Filseth, Palo Alto City Councilmember*

Lesa Heebner, Mayor of Solana Beach and SANDAG Board Member*

Katie Hill, Former U.S. Congresswoman*

Lydia Kou, Palo Alto City Councilmember*

Liz Lawler, Monte Sereno City Councilmember*

John Mirisch, Beverly Hills Councilmember and Former Mayor*

Jan Perry, Former Los Angeles City Councilmember*

Steve Scharf, Former Mayor and Former City Councilmember of Cupertino*

Julie Testa, Pleasanton City Councilmember and Vice Mayor*

Jane Usher, Former President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, Former Counsel to Mayor Tom Bradley, Former Assistant City Attorney and currently a Partner at MusickPeeler*

Aura Vasquez, Former LA Department of Water and Power Commissioner*

Sara Wan, Former Chair of the California Coastal Commission*


  • I have known Hydee for 20 plus years. She is an astute, trustworthy person who fights for justice for the community and will get the tough jobs done. . . . she knows how to navigate the political system to accomplish what needs to be done. My vote is for Hydee. We need fresh new ideas brought to the city to solve the many issues facing LA.

    Gail K. Bernstein Retired Exeuctive Vice President PNC Bank*
  • Hydee would make a great LA City Attorney!

    Ronald N. Jacobi Attorney
  • Hydee is one of the most ethical and committed elected community representatives I have worked within the Neighborhood Councils. Hydee is smart, a proven leader, and uncompromising in wanting the best for our City.   I'm happy to support such an outstanding woman and the most qualified candidate for City Attorney.

    Stacy Shure Community Activist, Mar Vista Community Council PLUM Chair, Affordable Housing Advocate
  • In years working with Hydee in the Neighborhood Councils, she's the real deal. A bottom-up grassroots small "d" democrat. She won't be bought.

    Tony Butka Retired
  • I look to support candidates whose reputation, intellect, big picture views, and problem-solving can make a difference. I have great confidence in Hydee based on my experience working with her on issues that matter to me. She has a great resume and there is no doubt that she will be an amazing City Attorney representing all of Los Angeles.

    Janet Reichmann Community Organizer and Realtor
  • I personally have witnessed Hydee at work for over three years in accurately analyzing the onslaught of highly consequential, politicized, and fraught density housing bills - . . . .. Hydee is smart, she's a fighter and she will not be beholden to any special interests or big money lobbies. She is of the people and for the people. That's why I'm supporting Hydee's candidacy and I will vote for her!

    Walter Dominguez Community Activist, Documentary filmmaker
  • Hydee has been a titan reading, analyzing, and breaking down the mountain of land use legislation currently flooding our legislatures at every level. . . . She is an extraordinary blessing for us: an outstanding attorney and a deeply honest human being.

    Mary Hruska Medical Technologist
  • Hydee is one of the best and brightest people I have ever worked with over my 30 year career. Not only her smarts, but her way with people is fantastic. I can't think of anyone better for this opportunity. The people of LA will be well served by Hydee Feldstein Soto.

    Lawrence Ridgway SVP - Citizens Corporate Banking*
  • Hydee is an experienced, intelligent, and determined outsider who has what it takes to make a difference in breaking the stranglehold career politicians and their powerful supporters have had on Los Angeles' government.

    Bruce Spector Retired Lawyer and Private Equity Banker
  • Hydee is a breath of fresh air. Brilliant, committed, and smart as a whip. She is exactly what our City needs. Intelligence, accountability, and enforcement of the rule of law.

    Laura Velkei Consultant
  • During these times of incredible need and racial conflict in our country, we need people with experience to navigate the many challenges of governing in an equitable and competent manner. Hydee is the only one running that has the background and experience to do this on day one!

    Juana Bordas Author and Latina Activist
  • I can't think of a better person to fill this job. Hydee Feldstein Soto has the character, ethics and wisdom to not only succeed as the Los Angeles City Attorney but to improve our city and make a difference in the lives of all Angelinos. I fully support and endorse this candidate for Los Angeles City Attorney 2022.

    Robert Parker Forensic Accountant
  • Hydee is smart, savvy and not beholden to any political party or agenda. She is a great lawyer with extensive experience of juggling cases and managing people. Best candidate running!

    Alex Kasdan Investment Banker
  • I love her ideals, tenacity, intelligence and integrity.

    Chel Chelliah Management Consulting, EOS, Litigation Support
  • Hydee will be an exceptional City Attorney and strong advocate for the city of Los Angeles.

    Guy Fuchs Former Wells Fargo Executive
  • We need more dedicated, fearless public officials like Hydee who are strong enough to resist bowing to the special interests and crony capitalists that dominate our political systems and who are visionary enough to understand why taking care of the People's business is always the most important priority!

    John W. Heath, Esq.
  • I have only come across a handful of people as smart and passionate as Hydee... Hydee is universally known as a tough and relentless advocate whose approach to problem solving is always tempered with common sense and good judgment. I have no doubt Hydee will be a tireless and fair advocate for the City of Los Angeles and its residents. She is an excellent choice for LA City Attorney.

    William Paul Weintraub Retired Lawyer*

Community Leaders

Barbara Broide, President, Westwood South of Santa Monica Homeowners Association*

Sandy Brown, President, Holmby-Westwood Property Owners Association (HWPOA); Vice President, Westwood Neighborhood Council (WWNC); Board Member, Westwood Community Council (WCC)*

Cindy Chvatal, President, Hancock Park Homeowners Association*

Tim Deegan, Former Chair of Mid-City West Community Council*

Steve Drimmer, President, Mountaingate Open Space Maintenance Association (MOSMA); Founder Board Member, Brentwood Alliance of Canyons and Hillsides (BACH); Member of Board of Trustees, Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation*

Walter Dominguez, Board Member South Carthay Neighborhood Association (SCNA)*

Orrin Feldman, Attorney and Former Vice President of Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council*

John W. Heath III, President United Neighbors II and Co-Founder United Neighbors*

Jack Humphreville, Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate*

Maria Kalban, Chair of United Neighbors*

Brad Kane, President South Carthay Neighborhood Association (SCNA)*

Lisa Kaye, Board Member South Carthay Neighborhood Association (SCNA)*

Susan Kirsch, Former President Livable California*

Kim Lamorie, President of the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation, Inc*

Andrea Leon-Grossmann, Environmental Justice Advocate*

Casey Maddren, Chair of United Neighborhoods For Los Angeles (UN4LA)*

Anastasia Mann, President Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council*

Lynetta McElroy, President Grayburn Avenue Block Club*

Carl McKenzie, Attorney; Trustee St. John’s Health Center Foundation and Trustee The Riordan Foundation*

Dick Platkin, Co-Chair Greater Fairfax Residents Association*

Janet Reichmann, Founder and President, Comstock Hills Homeowners Association (CHHOA); Board Member, Westwood Community Council (WCC)*

Diane Robertson, President Sutro Avenue Block Club*

Jay Ross, West LA*

Steven Sann, Chair, Westwood Community Council*

Stacy Shure, Former Co-President, Westside Village Homeowners Association (WVHA); Past Board Member, Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC)*

Terry Tegnazian, Former President Westwood Hills Property Owners Association *

Laura Velkei, Past Board Member, Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council*

Peter Weinberger, Past Board Member, Crestview Neighborhood Association*

Howard Welinsky, Chair of Democrats for Israel LA*

Community Endorsements

Ann and Alan Barton, Venture Capital

Gail K. Bernstein, retired Executive Vice President PNC Bank*

Maggie Bertisch, Attorney

John Brincko, Management Consultant

Jim Burke, Self Employed

Tony Butka, Retired

Gustavo Chaise, Artist

Shivanath Chell Chelliah, Management Consulting, EOS, Litigation Support

Kathleen Currey, Attorney

Ashleigh Danker, Attorney

Lois DeArmond, Retired Motion Picture Industry Professional

Mari Eliza, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

Karen G. Fairbank, Attorney

Guy Fuchs, Former Wells Fargo Executive

Amy Galaudet, Investor/Artist

John M. Genga, Attorney

John Gibson, Attorney

Peter J Gregora, Attorney

Myla Hardie, Entertainment Manager

Susan Humphreville, Retired Chief Financial Officer

Mary Hruska, Medical Technologist

Ronald N. Jacobi, Attorney

Alex Kasden, Investment Banker

Nicole King, Interior Design Consultant

Susan Kirsch, Retired

Dana Kraft, Designer

Ron Leibow, Retired Attorney

Michael Lubic, Attorney

Kathleen March, Attorney

Todd Mayman, Retired

Louis “Skip” Miller, Attorney

Geoff Missad, Video Editor

Robert Parker, Forensic Accountant*

Scott Ragan, Partnerships Manager

Hon. Joseph Reichmann, ret.

Lawrence Ridgway, SVP – Citizens Corporate Banking*

Gary D Samson, Attorney retired

Tim Schantz, Chief Administrative Officer, The History Factory*

Amnon Siegel, Attorney

Bruce Spector, Retired Attorney and Private Equity Banker

William Paul Weintraub, Retired

*Organizations are for identification purposes only


Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Los Angeles

National Steel Framing Industry Association

Comstock Hills Neighborhood Association

Greater Fairfax Neighborhood Association

National Women’s Political Caucus Coordinating Council